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Free Services in CIBAs CyberSuite: What they are and Why you need them...

Cyber risks are evolving.

Chances are you use your mobile phone for business purposes… and why not? That’s the direction society is going. We watch our favorite shows, play games, make calls (sometimes), and now we’re handling work emails on our phone as well. According to the firm Lookout, the highest rate of mobile phishing in history was observed in 2022, with half of the mobile phone owners worldwide exposed to a phishing attack every quarter. So if you’re handling work information on your mobile phone, you’re at risk.

And it's not just mobile phones that are at risk - emails, calls, servers, computers, and more can all be compromised in a cyber-attack.

While having cyber insurance coverage is crucial, it's equally important to consider the added services that come with it. These services provide invaluable resources and support that can help prevent cyber attacks, minimize damage, and quickly recover in the event of a breach.

That’s what we’re offering: Cyber Coverage that’s built around the SERVICES that protect clients from DAY 1.

Prevention: The risk management portal eRiskHub® is designed to help business owners effectively prepare for data breaches. It includes Cyber Risk Tools, Training, and important resources such as a news center, a directory for external resources, and a learning center with best practices & white papers to name a few. Policyholders also can take advantage of the following complimentary services:

  • Free Cybersecurity Consult: Several cybersecurity and digital forensics firms offer CyberSuite policyholders an hour of free consultation on privacy and security.

  • Free Legal Consult: Several law firms offer CyberSuite policy holders an hour of free consultation on privacy and cybersecurity.

Recovery: When a cyber loss occurs, CyberSuite has you covered there as well. With claims that are managed by cyber claim specialists, incident roadmaps, and risk management tools that manage data breaches. You’ll have experts by your side guiding you through the unexpected.

CyberSuite also includes the coverages for Key Services during Recovery:

  • Public Relations: Covers costs of a public relations firm to assist in response communications

  • Services to Affected Individuals: Covers costs associated with informational materials, helplines and credit reporting/monitoring services.

  • Cyber Extortion Negotiation & investigation: Includes the cost of negotiator / investigator that responds to a credible cyber extortion threat.

  • Data Restoration and RE-CREATION: Covers costs for recovering lost/corrupted data and/or recreation of data that has been lost

It always goes back to the timeless phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. In the case of Cyber Protection, it’s no different.

The services built into CyberSuite play an incredible role in the process of Cyber Protection.

Without Cyber Coverage… are your clients truly protected?


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