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Prepare for the Next Storm in 6 Easy Steps

1. Landscaping Clean Up: Winds and rain from a storm can cause dead or hanging limbs on a tree to break off and cause damage to your property exterior, or worse break a window! Clear all hazardous limbs off of trees and bushes and keep them trimmed during storm season.

2. Put away Furniture & Toys: Patio furniture is a commonly forgotten as storms approach. Walk around your property and make sure all furniture, toys, & miscellaneous items are secured or put away to prevent them from becoming victims of storm winds. These items can easily be picked up by the wind and not only will they be damaged themselves, but can also be thrown against your property as well.

3. Clear Rain Spouts: Gutters keep the rain from pooling up on and around your property, if they are not properly cleaned regularly, it could prevent them from working which could lead to significant water damage.

4. Window Protection: Having shutters or plywood available to cover windows will help protect them from being broken during a storm.

5. Maintain your Roof: Taking the wind, rain, and everything else mother nature throw’s at us head on, your roof must be up to the job! Hire a professional to inspect your roof once a year, taking care of any potentially problematic areas asap.

6. Know your Policy: Have the right coverage in place before a storm hits & read through your property’s insurance policy fully. If you are unsure on any portion, contact your insurance broker to go over the policy so you can ensure there are no physical or liability hazards at your property. CIBA’s Insurance Program is built to give you the coverage you need before you need it. Talk to your broker about how coverage through the CIBA Program can help your property!

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