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A Property Owners 7-Step Guide to Safe Holidays

As a property owner, there are measures your can take to ensure your property is protected through the holiday season. We suggest following this 7-Step Guide to Safe Holidays at your property.

1. High Traffic Areas should be kept clear of all decorations.

2. Do not lay cords across walkways, this can become a tripping hazard.

3. Keep all décor away from Fire Sprinklers & NEVER hang anything from sprinklers.

4. Ensure that all exit corridors, exit signs, fire alarm pull stations, and extinguishers are visible, unobstructed and easily accessible.

5. If located in an area where it snows, hire a professional to remove snow and salt sidewalks and steps to keep them free from ice and snow.

6. Keep your Fire Protection in Working order: Regularly check your Smoke Detectors and CO Detectors to ensure they are working. Conduct a visual inspection of all portable extinguishers monthly, as well as an annual inspection (annual inspections need to be documented per OSHA)

7. Send Holiday Safety Rules, Reminders and Tips to your tenants before major holidays.

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