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Get Your Property Fall-Ready in 8 Easy Steps

Roof: Catching roof problems early can be the difference in doing a quick fix vs a major repair. Check ceilings for leaks or dark spots. Look for any sagging or light peaking through. It may also be a good idea to hire a professional to inspect your roof to ensure you are ready for the harsh weather season.

Gutters: Leaves and branches can quickly clog up a gutter. Clean them regularly to prevent water from pooling, as this can lead to costly repairs.

Chimneys/Fireplaces: Chimney fires are more common than most people realize. With over 20,000 annual residential fires, the NFPA recommends that fireplaces and chimneys be inspected every year.

Furnace: Before the temperatures drop, make sure your furnace is in working order! Not only will regular maintenance and testing help keep units clean and in working order, it could also help it run more efficiently which will help save you money!

Air leaks: Inspect common problem areas such as windows and door frames; re-caulk or replace as necessary. A qualified technician can also help reveal sources of air leaks.

Yard: Winter is not without strong storms, which means your trees need to be ready. Keep trees and bushes trimmed. Remove any damaged or potentially hazardous limbs so that they don’t break off during strong and gusty winds.

Fire Extinguisher: Fall and winter are filled with holidays that can, unfortunately, end up being fire hazards (think: candles, deep frying, Xmas lights, fireplaces, etc.). Take time to have your extinguishers inspected and make sure they are accessible by all.

CO & Smoke Detectors: Semi-Annual checks of your CO detectors and Smoke detectors is a MUST for your property. Replace the batteries and test all alarms to ensure they are working and ready.

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