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Summer Maintenance Guide

Sunny days and higher temperatures make summer an ideal season to address your building's maintenance needs.

Summer is the best time to have your roof inspected and preventative maintenance and repairs performed. This type of work often requires dry conditions to be successfully completed. Additionally, roofing contractors and their crews typically aren't as busy as they can be during wetter months. Lower demand enables them to schedule inspections and subsequently make repairs more quickly and might mean you'll spend less than you would to do the same work once the rains return and unaddressed problems surface.

Other maintenance that is best performed during the summer months include:

  • Cleaning rain gutter and downspouts

  • Trimming trees and shrubs

  • Completion of exterior painting projects

  • Repairing sidewalks, driveway & parking area paving

  • Servicing heating equipment and changing A/C filters

Additionally, if you own or manage apartments or are part of a homeowner's association, summer can be a great time to:

  • Send a reminder to residents about your BBQ storage and use policy or, if you haven't established one, to amend your rules and regulations to prohibit BBQ storage and use within 10 fee of any structure

  • Remind residents of pool usage rules and regulations

  • Have chimneys inspected and cleaned

  • Repair damaged window screens and replace missing screens.

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