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Loss Control 365

Providing you and your tenants with peace of mind.

A year-round guide to loss control.


  • Test smoke & CO Detectors & repair or replace as needed

  • Have fire alarms inspected & tested


  • Have fire extinguishers inspected & serviced

  • Have fire sprinkler systems inspected & tested

  • Service heating equipment & change a/c filters

  • Have chimneys inspected & cleaned

  • Obtain updated copies of certificates of Insurance from all third-party vendors & commercial tenants

During the Holidays

  • Don't let holiday decorations block exits, restrict use of handrails or get closer than 3 feet from fireplaces, radiators & vents

  • Use UL-approved decorative lights & confirm they are approved for use where installed

  • Connect no more than 3 strands of mini lights, or 50 larger screw-in bulbs, to a wall outlet

  • Replace decorative lights with worn or damaged cords, or loose bulb connections

  • Make sure natural trees stay fresh; check water daily & properly dispose when needles begin to drop

  • Never use lit candles to decorate a tree or leave lit candles unattended

  • Turn off all powered holiday decorations when going out or sleeping

In Warmer Months

  • Inspect & repair or replace roofs

  • Clean rain gutters & downspouts

  • Inspect stairways and handrail/guardrails, repair as needed

  • Inspect for dry rot or other damages

  • Ensure pool area has a proper barrier surrounding it

  • Address areas where standing water accumulates

  • Trim trees & shrubs

  • Complete exterior painting projects

  • Repair sidewalks & driveway & parking lot pavement

  • Repair damaged window screens & replace missing screens

  • Send a reminder to residents about your BBQ storage & use policy

  • Remind residents of pool usage rules & regulations

In Colder Months

  • Implement snow & ice removal plan

  • Winterize vacant units & unheated pools & other seasonal amenities

  • Make sure plumbing & sprinkler pipes are insulated from freeze

  • Make certain space heaters are equipped with automatic shut-offs, always plugged directly into outlets, placed at least 3 feet from anything that can burn, & always turned off before leaving the room or going to sleep

  • Remind tenants that ovens & outdoor BBQ grills should never be used to provide indoor heat

  • Inspect all structure's roofs, hire professional to clear snow if necessary

  • Ensure walkways are safe and clear of ice and snow

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