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CIBA Insurance Services is proud to offer their Insurance Certificate Monitoring Program (ICM) to both CIBA & Non-CIBA Members. Getting the insurance certificates that are required within your lease or service agreement is important to protect you, but can also be time consuming and an administrative burden… CIBA is here to help!

Benefits of the ICM Program:

Reduce Workload: After Enrolling, an ICM Team Member will collect the insurance certificates and follow up as necessary in order to collect all Insurance Certificates. Quarterly reports will be sent to you outlining current member compliance.

Decrease Risk: Valuable and Low Cost way to control insurance costs through the potential of subrogation in the event of a loss caused by a unit owner, tenant, or service provider. We don't just collect insurance certificates... we ensure you remain protected by confirming insurance requirements are met.

Increase Insurance Compliance:  We ensure that those you are doing business with are fulfilling their lease obligations of maintaining their insurance and have the required coverage. With our attention to detail & consistent follow-ups, our ICM program will increase insurance compliance and reduce your uninsured & under-insured loss exposure.

ICM Contact: Christina Ortiz,