Exclusive Risk Management Solution Suite for CIBA Brokers and their insureds covered under the CIBA Program

As part of your participation in the CIBA insurance program, we offer Loss Control Services which may include Risk Management Services. Today, the leading cause of Fire Loss is Tenant negligence including but not limited to smoking, cooking, misuse of appliances, and other acts. While property owners may place lease policies in place to avoid these losses, it does not 100% prevent them.   These cost money in loss of rents, insurance deductible contributions, time to address repairs.  It may even impact a property owners reputation.

For your convenience, we have arranged a special risk management suite of products that are available through expert providers. These impactful solutions include...

  • Renters Liability Coverage & Solutions :

    • Master Liability policy to cover tenants who are required and did not provide minimum liability coverage

    • Tenant Insurance Tracking: Track your tenant’s insurance coverage to ensure proper limits are followed at all times

    • Provide HO4 product to your tenants

  • Automated Lease Generation and Support: Pre-fill lease for accuracy, all state & local laws included, ensure Fair Housing criteria is met, electronically sign lease, etc. 

  • Tracking and Screening of potential tenants:  helps improve tenant quality and lower losses.

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